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i wish i had more time

sorry for not writing for a while. Everything's been so busy. I'm in trinidad right now. The beach here is beautiful and it's so warm. I'm doing great. I was sick for a bit and had a few crazy bad lessong, but I'm feeling so muhc better. I don't have alot of time to write now, so I am going to copy the email that I wrote back to the class I was teaching in in October. I hope it answers some questions. When i get back to santa clara, i'll write more and post the email they wrote me.

xoxo to all


Hi Division 6!!

It's so great to hear from you all!! This email brightened my day. This weekend, we took a little vacation from our town and went to the beach. It's been sunny the whole time, except this morning it's pouring. I guess t means that I have to do my school work instead of go to the beach and swim.

I can't beleive it's been 2 weeks since got here. The time has gone by so fast. We're living in the city of Santa Clara in the dormitories at El Instituto Pedagogico Felix Varela *that means a teaching university. We're working with our Cuban partners (students at the unversity) at a school called Fe De Valle (pronounced fey de balye). It's really great working with Cuban student teachers. We share alot of ideas, and hang out with them after class often. I'm sure I'm going to miss them alot when I leave, just like I miss you guys. Danny (my cuban partner) and I are teaching a grade 9 class. There's 40 kids in my class! It's huge. They love french class because we sing songs and play games. In Cuba, the kids in school sit alot while their teacher lectures. Theydon't get to move around and play gmaes alot.

Let's see if I can answer all your questions here...
"How is Cuba? What are the people like in Cuba? Do you like it there?" Cuba is great! I love it here! It's so warm (I'm wearing a tank top most of the time). The people are so so so nice here. We\re so lucky to have the chance to work with our cuban partners. We're all really becomng great friends. I'll bring you guys pictures when I get back.

"Are the students behaving when you teach them?" Most of the time. It's hard teaching in a class of 40 when I don't speak the language.

"How was the flight?" The flight was super super long but I slept most of the time. It felt like it wasn't long at all!\
"What kind of entertainment is there in Cuba?" There is so much music and dancing. EVERYONE dances and sings. I'm learning salsa dance. Everymorning at the university, they play music really loud starting at 6 am and it dosen't stop until 3 or 4 in the morning sometimes

I'm running out of internet time, so I'll quickly try to answer more questions.

The kids I teach are great, and like I said, really like french class. The principal is really nice but I can't really talk to her because my spanish is so bad. I'm working on it though. We have spanish classes ever monday and tuesday. Cuba is really really pretty, but everything here is very old. It's very different from Canada. If Ms Borg lets me, I'll come visit and bring pictures of everything. We eat alot of beans and rice here, with a bit of meat. I odn't usually eat meat (I'm a vegetarian) but there isn't much else here so I'm eating it. There isn't too much food here because of all the hurricanes that hit. Not much vegetables and fruit. When I get home, I'm going to have a salad and sushi right away!! The cuban flag is red blue and white. Maybe Ms Borg can find you a picture of it.

It sounds like you are all having a fun time. How s Ms Thom doing? Is she being nice to you all? What was the science experiment you did? And the smart board presentation went well? I can't wait to see you all when I get back, and hear all about what you've learned and done. Make sure Ms Borg takes lots of pictures of your classroom when it's decorated for christmas, and all you guys do for christmas. I loev the picture she sent along. It makes me so happy to see all your shining faces. I miss you all alot, and I can't wait for your next email

xoxo Ms Chapelski

Posted by jchapelski 07:39

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